Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Make Seashell Windchimes!

If you go to the beach often enough, you are sure to find many treasures.  I've always thought smooth, gray driftwood is beautiful and my son wanted to use it to make a mobile for his little sister.  So he made her a little seashell mobile with shells that he found on the beach with his specially selected piece of driftwood.  Having had so much fun making this, he wanted to make more so we made a few more to give as presents and found that if you hang one of these mobiles in the trees, the shells make a pretty noise in the breeze.  You can make your own too and here's how: 

First you'll need to collect a bunch of seashells with holes in them.  Slipper shells are in abundance at our beach so we used that type of shell.  Whelks, moonshells, and jingle shells all work well.  Rinse the shells off and let them dry.

Some thin ribbon, string, or twine


something that can be used to hang the chimes from such as driftwood, a stick, or branch etc.

Assemble your materials and decide how many shells you'd like to use.  We tied 4 shells along one string and tied 4 of these finished strands of shells to one piece of driftwood.  Anywhere from 16 - 24 shells would work well.

Next, you'll want to arrange your shells.  Cut a long length of ribbon (about 2 1/2 feet) and tie your first shell to it and double knot it.  The first shell you tie on will be closest to the top of the mobile.  The last shell you tie on will be closest to the ground. 

Continue adding shells to the same piece of ribbon (equally spaced) until you have tied all of them on.  You'll probably have about 4 or 5 shells tied on to one piece of ribbon.  Once you've finished your first strand of shells, continue on until you've completed all of them and have  used up all of your shells.

Arrange your strands of shells in rows and begin to tie each strand to the driftwood.  If you'd like the shells to knock into each other, adjust the length of each to make that happen. 

Once you've tied all of your shell strands onto the driftwood, cut another length of ribbon and tie an end to either side of the driftwood so that you can hang up your mobile.

Now you're done!  Hang it in a tree or outside your window!


  1. What a great idea! I love this- I learn so much from reading your blog - I can't wait to try this. :)Carolyn

  2. Thank you so much! Sorry it took so long for me to post a comment here - I missed yours somehow! I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blog! Thanks for your kind comments!!